Session 1

Introduction: Come Walk Into the Pages of Acts

The Book of Acts tells the exciting story of the best three decades of the early church. Beginning with the ascension of Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Acts takes us on a rollercoaster ride of wondrous healings, explosive church growth, and miraculous conversion.

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Session 2

And His Door Is Always Open

We’re starting off this look through Acts in an unexpected place: the end!

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Session 3

And a Cloud Hid Him From Their Sight

At the beginning of the Book of Acts, Jesus gives His disciples the incredibly challenging task of taking the gospel to the ends of the world. Then He just disappears. Into thin air. And yet, this is not desertion. It’s design. It’s Jesus way of saying, “Now, you do the impossible things I did.”

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Session 4

God’s Temple Is Not Built With Human Hands

In chapter 7 of Acts, the first Christian is martyred. Stephen, a Greek-speaking Jew living in Jerusalem, is stoned to death.

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Session 5

It Makes a Smashing

When everything goes wrong, when the growth slows, when the enemies triumph, when all the weaknesses surface, when cancer strikes, when the government tightens up the law, when the bribed judge gets away with it, when the killer walks free.

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Session 6

The Believers Lowered Him in a Basket

In the pitch black, a man is levered out of a window in a four-foot-wide laundry basket. As it reaches the ground, out leaps a balding man in his thirties. He scampers away into the darkness of the Arabian Desert.

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Session 7

They Were Called Christian

Today, the cross is one of the most famous symbols in the world. But the early church didn’t use the symbol very much. They talked about the cross, of course, about its life-and-death message. For the early church, of course, the cross was an instrument of torture and execution. They didn’t depict it in their art.

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Session 8

They Were Tent Makers

The Apostle Paul. That’s how we think of him. His name was Paul, and his job was an ‘apostle.’ But Acts gives us a broader picture. Paul had a trade: he was a tentmaker. This job which gave him the freedom to travel the ancient world spreading the gospel. When you have a dangerous faith, you must be prepared to live on the move.

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Session 9

In Every City Lies Persecution

Chapters 20 and 21 of Acts tell of Paul’s journey back to Jerusalem from Macedonia. Along the way, he stays with Christians in the places he passes through: in Troas, Miletus, Tyre, Ptolemais and Caesarea. And during the journey, he is warned that what he is planning is very dangerous—that he has enemies waiting for him in Jerusalem and that he will be arrested.

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